Steven Spruill Fandangos!

Posted on April 9, 2011


Steven Spruill is the author of more than sixteen novels, including Daughter of Darkness, The Psychopath Plague and Ice Men. I’m pretty excited about Ice Men. I haven’t read it, but I want to.

He’s also a discriminating taste. I gave him a pre-look at Multiplex Fandango. Here’s what he said: Thanks Steven! Glad you liked it.

"Multiplex Fandango will stretch your mind while giving you a great  
ride.  The core definition of creativity is "the combining of two  
formerly unassociated ideas to produce a product that is both novel  
and useful."  That is also the core definition of Multiplex Fandango.   
 From the title onward, Ochse will amaze and dazzle you with  
characters that leap off the page and situations you've never thought  
of before, guaranteed.  Get Multiplex Fandango today and prepare to  
disappear into the intriguing and fascinating world of Weston Ochse's  
imagination." - Steven Spruill

Thanks Steven! Glad you liked it. 
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